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The Independent Advantage

Offering quality local product since 1987

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At Sunbow we are constantly talking about "The Independent Advantage". The "Independent Advantage" is a collection of knowledge and tools that allows the "Mom and Pop", Local, Independent restaurateur, caterer or food manufacturer to operate with the advantages that in the past have been reserved for large chain organizations. Sunbow is a pioneer in leveling the playing field by leveraging the purchasing power of hundreds of independents and passing the saving and operating tools on to all operators.


Our ongoing commitment to the success of the independent operator is exemplified not only through the consultative selling approach our representatives take, but also through the money saving programs and business building services we make available to our customers. We offer rebate management for all customers, and work diligently day in and day out to ensure our customers have access to all programs. In addition, all of our customers are invited to tap into our business resource center for assistance in gross profit analysis, menu costing, new menu development, and other marketing support.

Sunbow’s business model is not built on maximizing profits for shareholders. Our business model is to be continually seeking efficiencies and driving costs out so that we can sell at ever-lower pricing to our customers, and so that we can pursue new customers. It is a customer-driven model.  We want to be known as an innovative, high-energy growth company that puts our customers first.

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