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The Mission of Sunbow Distributing is to provide superior service, quality products and innovative solutions to all Customers, and to make a significant contribution to their success. We strive to create mutually profitable long term relationships with our Customers, Employees, and Suppliers, and to enhance the communities we are privileged to serve.



Sunbow Distributing was Founded in 1987 by Brent and Caren Gines. Brent and Caren came to Utah looking to improve their education and economic situation. Brent enrolled at Brigham Young University and began studying in their school of business. Upon graduating with his Bachelors in Business Administration Brent set out looking for business opportunities. Brent decided that his background as a rancher/farmer qualified him to explore the food service industry. After working in sales for some local butchers he decided to take the risk and establish Sunbow Distributing.


Since that day Sunbow has experienced steady growth by focusing on a three fold mission of "Integrity - Value - Service". By staying true to these principles for the past 25 years Sunbow has become a leading Foodservice/Retail distributor, Sunbow now services hundreds of independent restauranteurs, caterers, retailers and food manufacturers in the state of Utah. We attribute this success to our "Independent Advantage" initiative which educates owners and managers on the advantages of being independent operators and competing with large chain establishments.



Sunbow innovation begins with vertically integrated solutions taking a commodity product through further processing to meet the demands of the ever changing food service industry. Custom solutions that provide consistent quality and savings are created to meet the specifications determined by the customer and made production ready by Sunbows operations managers.

This innovative program is a integral part of what is known as the "Independent Advantage". The "Independent Advantage" is a collection of knowledge and tools that allows the "Mom and Pop", Local, Independent restaurateur, caterer or food manufacturer to operate with the advantages that in the past have been reserved for large chain organizations. Sunbow is a pioneer in leveling the playing field by leveraging the purchasing power of hundreds of independents and passing the saving and operating tools on to smaller operators. Now the smallest of companies can operate in true competition and receive the rewards for their hard work.

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